I'm a fan of dirt. You probably don't hear that often. I guess I should say I am a fan of soil- garden

soil and potting soil. It's the magic dust that grows flowers. See, I've grown flowers for a living and for fun. I've been a florist and a gardener. As a garden writer for a daily newspaper and later writing garden articles for The Home Depot Corporation, I met many joyful people who grew and loved flowers.

Along the way, I fell in love with vintage vases and planters. So many beautiful pieces that go back years and years just proving the commonality of loving beautiful foliage and blooms.

There is another kind of treasure hunting I do. Everywhere I can, I'm searching for the names of women who died in service during WWII. As hard as it is to believe, there is not a database or master list of women who died. As a volunteer for Stories Behind the Stars, I'm working with others to create that first list. We have around 280 names of women out of a guesstimate of 500+.

Our mission is to write a story for each of the 400,000+ service person who died in the war. 


You can help by letting me know if you've heard of a female family member or community member who died between 1940 to 1946. We want to make sure she has a story. The other way you can help is to volunteer to research and write about our fallen men and women. Let me know if you are interested and I'll get you started.


Thank you for your interest.


 (Lea Schneider is the Etsy shop owner of LovelyVasesAndThings and is the manager of Lea Schneider LLC.)

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